Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Underneath the Surface: Burrow Café in Antipolo City

Living quietly in a corner of nature is the best way to escape from stress. Imagine that you are breathing the air of a new place and at the same time tasting new dishes. Isn’t it awesome? For me, it’s a yes because sometimes nature is just the getaway we need.

Luckily, when I was invited by Carpio and Calaycay family to have a family luncheon with them, I was available despite of my hectic schedule. I got more excited when my cousin Venice revealed that we’re going to dine down the rabbit hole – the Burrow Café in Antipolo City.

Burrow Café is an underground café located along a quiet street in a gated community known as Beverly Hills Subdivision. It is tucked within a sloping terrain, overlooking a river and can be accessed through a narrow staircase. The secluded ambiance of this café means more intimate moments with your loved ones as it provides space and privacy for diners.

Contrary to the most common misconception about this café, it won't make you claustrophobic (fear of tight or crowded places) despite being underneath the surface as they have large panel windows that overlooks a forest and the Tungtong River. What a sight to behold! Actually Burrow Café's location is meant to be an indoor swimming pool for the Gutierrez family but now it is a space that houses a number of possibilities (café, shop, events venue for small gatherings, etc.)

14 Day Corned Beef Brisket

The café offers an all-day breakfast and lunch (limited) menu, cakes and pastries as well as hot and cold beverages. Although, every three months the owners of this café conceptualizes new dishes and based their menu options on in-season local produce.

Fish and Chips, Laing Aioli

Lechon and Gising-Gising Rice Bowl

Food servings are usually good for 1-2 persons only and it is a bit pricey compared to other restaurants nearby. So, each one of us ordered a set meal and we ordered additional food for sharing.

Black Pancit

Caldereta Short Ribs and Carrot Risotto

What I liked most in what we ordered is the black pancit. It is made of fresh squid ink egg noodles with sautéed chorizo and vegetables topped with seared shrimps, tinapa, dilis and chicharon crumbs. Their caldereta short ribs and carrot risotto is also worth trying for.

I also like the waiting spaces provided within and outside the café. I am also impressed with the interiors of the Burrow Café. The combination of industrial and contemporary design perfectly fits the atmosphere; an indoor space but you will feel like outdoors. It is a feast for the senses as it mirrors the beauty that surrounds it.

The café also uses warm and intimate lighting complemented by natural light. In fact,  Filipino celebrities Kz Tandingan and husband TJ Monterde got engaged at this café.

Hence, this is a couple friendly and family oriented café as it certainly provides a comfortable and romantic space.

In addition, Burrow Café  also have a little shop selling souvenir items other merchandise were customers can buy their products from Antipolo Beehouse.

Overall, I had a great time at Burrow Café with my relatives. The food we ordered  were okay, nothing spectacular about it but the laid-back atmosphere makes-up the shortfall. Therefore, Burrow Café is still worth a try.

How to Get There:

Photo Credits to: Antipolo Beehouse

Getting here is very easy if you have a private vehicle. You may use Waze for directions as there are 2 ways to reach Burrow Café; via Ortigas Extension and Marcos Highway. Burrow Café is also accessible via public transportation but I have not yet tried it. So, I still have no idea on how.


  • Reservations are highly encouraged for guarantee seating.
  • Wearing of high heeled shoes is discouraged as customers are required to climb down from a meandering and slippery flight of stairs.
  • Senior citizens and children should be cautious and be guided accordingly by companions.
  • Burrow Café does not have wheelchair ramp. Therefore, this is not advisable for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Customers are only allowed to dine and stay for 2 hours especially during weekends due to the high volume demand.
  • Although Burrow Café can be easily accessed through public transportation, it is highly recommended to have your own private vehicle.


For bookings and reservations, you may contact:

Burrow Café

Address: 113 Beverly Hills Avenue, Beverly Hills Subdivision, Antipolo City

Mobile Number: +639176229795

E-mail address:

Facebook Page: Burrow Café at Antipolo Beehouse

Instagram Account:



Open – Wednesday and Thursday from 8AM – 4PM

Open – Friday to Sunday from 7AM – 5PM

Closed – Monday and Tuesday 

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Special thanks to Carpio and Calaycay family for always adopting me.

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