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The Summer We Never Had: Hinugtan Beach in Buruanga, Aklan

I thought this year is going to be a year full of luck but unfortunately not; at least for me. It all started in January 2020, with the eruption of Taal Volcano which displaced thousands of families in the surrounding towns of the volcano. It even caused work, school and flight disruptions in Metro Manila – Philippines’ central urban area. Unknowingly, there’s still more of surprising misfortunes in the succeeding months; one of it is the Corona Virus Disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic.

However, the series of unfortunate events didn’t stop there, as this year, my family and I were put again into another devastating moment – the sudden death of my brother. All of us was caught unprepared as he left us without any warning and sadly, we were not ready to say goodbye. But we do not have a choice, so life must go on.

Although, there’s a saying, “Nothing on earth can make up a loss of one who has loved you.”, there are still things that can lighten up our emotions. My outlet whenever I feel sad, lonely and/or tired, I try to find time from my busy schedule to travel. With my recent feeling of sorrow, I asked some of my friends to wander into an unfamiliar place – Hinugtan Beach in Buruanga, Aklan, Philippines.

Buruanga is a 5th class municipality in Province of Aklan, Philippines which is located in the Northwestern coast of the Panay Island. This municipality is famous especially to the local tourist as it features a shoreline of pristine white sand, rocky bays and dramatic cliffs in the shadow of the rolling hills. This is the reason why I wanted to visit this place.

Hinugtan Beach is truly a paradise, with its calm, turquoise clear waters, swaying palms and unspoiled sand, and postcard or Instagram-worthy sceneries. In fact, it is just an hour or less from Boracay Island. Also, it boasts the same famous sunset view of Boracay.

Check out some of my sunset shots featuring my friend Rove and her boyfriend (Ken). Beautiful and romantic, isn't it?

Imagine Boracay in the 1990's and early 2000's, this is what Hinugtan Beach looks like. The beach itself maybe secluded but definitely, it is a must go to destination in the Philippines.



There are plenty of activities available in Hinugtan Beach that one can enjoy. Here’s some of the list:

  • Bask on its beaches and coves
  • Swim on its turquoise clear waters

  • Play beach volleyball - We were happy to meet this group who did a side trip for few hours in this secluded paradise. Imagine seeing these hotties playing in flesh. What a sight! *Take note: The tour was organized by Haqqy Life.
  • Snorkel or dive and get a glimpse of thriving sea life
  • Sunset watching - It's certainly the best way to end the day.
  • Go for an island hopping - Ariel's Point and Bel-is are some of the few choices that you may opt to visit for an island hopping.


How to Get There

Going here is easy. The nearest operating commercial airport is the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport with IATA code of MPH (also known as the Caticlan-Boracay Airport). Airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippines Air Asia are some of the few airlines that offers direct flights going to Malay, Aklan.

From the airport, you may opt to ride a tricycle going to the junction point of Hinugtan Beach (minimum fare is 50php). At the junction point, you need to ride a motorcycle or habal-habal for another 50php. *Take note: The road leading to Hinugtan Beach from the junction point is steep and it’s very risky especially during wet season. Plus, carrying a lot of things while riding habal-habal is also too risky.

However, private cars can do the maneuver but still the driver needs to be an expert. In my opinion, this is the most recommended mode of transportation going to Hinugtan Beach but if you’re looking for a budget friendly mode of transportation, habal-habal will do, just make sure that you only carry your most important things.


Where to Stay

When we went here, we did not book any resorts in advanced. We decided only after we checked out the rooms and upon considering our budget. For this stay, we stayed at Emen’s Cottages.


For bookings and reservations, you may contact:

Emen’s Cottages

Mobile number: +639125001448 or +639153305438

Facebook Page: Emen’s Cottages, Hinugtan Beach

For an overnight stay, we paid only 1,500php, for a fan room with common toilet and bathroom. Our room is good for 3-4 persons. It's already a great deal for a decent accommodation.


Other Accommodations:

White Beach Front and Cottages

E-mail address:

Mobile number: +639174699395


Hinugtan Beach Resort

E-mail address:

Mobile number: +639262680369


Where to Dine

White Beach Front and Cottages has an in-house restaurant that offers a wide variety of menu. They have ample amount of food servings and the taste is acceptable but it is a bit pricey.

Meanwhile, at Emen’s Cottages they offer the paluto or the choose then cook style. The down side of this, your food depends only on the available food supply but this is cheaper than the former.

The cheapest way is to bring and cook your own food. If you’re staying at Emen’s Cottages, guests who wish to cook can use the common kitchen at very minimal cost.


Travel Tips

  • Going to Hinugtan Beach is already an adventure as it requires some sort of leg and knee exercise especially when you're leaving. Be prepared. 
  • There are no mobile signals or any cellular data within the vicinity of Hinugtan Beach.
  • Stack up cash before heading to the resort as everything is on cash basis.
  • While there is an available store within the area (sari-sari store type), it is not a guarantee that they have everything you need. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring enough food, drinking water and other necessities.
  • Don’t forget to apply environment friendly sunscreen protection.
  • Go there on a weekday because there are fewer people.
  • Adventure at your own risk.
  • Always remember the traveler’s golden rule: “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and kill nothing but time.”

All in all, I had a great time escaping from the harsh reality. Somehow after this trip, the feeling of sorrow was reduced. Also, I am thankful that I was able to go for an early summer break because 2020 is the year that summer we never had.

Despite of the tragic surprises in the first half of 2020, I’m still hoping that the remaining half are all about healing, regaining and strengthening. Let us all hope for the best and remember to always look for the silver lining in every situation.


Keep safe and stay healthy.


Thank you for reading and sharing!

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