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Calauit Safari Park + Black Island Tour with Calamian Islands Travel and Tours

In a country with incredible natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and amazing cultural significance, it is really overwhelming where to go next. Luckily, I didn’t have a hard time to decide, as my travel buddy and I were really determined to go to Busuanga, Palawan to experience the once in a lifetime African Safari. Yes, you heard it right – Philippines has its very own African Safari Park located in North of Busuanga, Palawan.

With a five (5)-minute boat ride from the jump-off point of Busuanga Island; you will reach a game reserve and wildlife sanctuary known as Calauit Safari Park. The park is set in a 3,700-hectare in the Calamian Islands chain that lies off the coast of Palawan and it is known for its wildlife sanctuary with a substantial population of African animals, including giraffes, zebras, as well as local animals.

Fortunately, my travel buddy and I got a very good deal with Calamian Islands Travel and Tours. For only 2,500php/pax, inclusive of breakfast, lunch, transportation services (both land and sea) as well as tour guides, we were able to visit the Calauit Safari Park with a surprise island hopping adventure. *Disclaimer: Price may change due to new normal policy and additional health protocol.

Booking a tour with a DOT-accredited tour operator is hassle-free as everything is pre-arranged, including the entrance fees. Therefore, there is no need to line-up and pay, all you have to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy. However, if you may opt to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tour, the rate for the Calauit Safari Park are as follows (as of January 2019):




PWD / Student / Senior Citizen

Entrance Fee




Safari Tour Fee




Environmental Fee




Camping Fee




We left the Coron town proper around 0400H and it took us 2 hours to reach Calauit Safari Park. I was too excited for this as it has been a long time dream for me because it offers a unique wildlife encounter. The highlight of the safari experience is you get to interact and wander around an open area with zebras, giraffes and Calamian deer freely roam.

But the what makes it even more special is the feeding of giraffes. It is a one of a kind and an unforgettable experience. A very close encounter with the tallest living mammal while feeding them is a joy. Although sadly, this practice is not the proper way as we tend to train these creatures to live in an artificial setting, far from the natural process of acquiring food.

On the other hand, the park also houses a mini zoo in a nearby area featuring other wild animals in captivity such as wild boars, monkeys, snakes, tortoises, African civet cats, porcupines, etc. Likewise, you will get to see in the park trees with unique and enticing features such as sycamore tree or commonly known as camouflage tree. *Fun Fact: This is the inspiration of the combat uniform of military and police.

The tour took 3 hours; it was a short but really an amazing experience. Now, it’s time for our surprise island hopping adventure, and we’re off to Black Island or locally known as Malajon Island.

Black Island is a big and mysterious remote island located off the coast of Salvacion, Busuanga. The island boasts a massive and dramatic black limestone rocks that formed the core of the island over thousands of years. Hence, it was named ‘Black Island’.

Also, Black Island is a home of many unexploited caves and chambers with refreshing cave pools, a shipwreck, long stretch of white sand beach, and abundant sea life perfect for snorkeling and free diving. In fact, the place is resembling to the movie locations of Jurassic Park and King Kong.

The Beach

Upon arrival on the island, it is like as if you are in a new shade of paradise as you will be greeted by turquoise clear waters, with waves crashing on the shores, and a strip of glistening white sand. There are also rows of bamboo huts and palm trees that offers refuge and shade from the sun while enjoying the cool breeze of the sea. The beach is irresistibly inviting in every way to dive in and enjoy a refreshing dip while basking under the sun.

The Shipwreck

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(Photo credit:

The island is blessed of a thriving sea life which is phenomenal for shallow water snorkeling. Not only that, it also boasts a Japanese skeleton shipwreck that can be reached few meters from the shore. The shipwreck is a converted tanker designed to carry fuels used by the Japanese Imperial Army. It is one of the few Japanese vessels that sunk in Busuanga, Palawan during World War II. Now, it is a home for variety of fishes that adds to the thriving marine diversity in the island.

The Cave

As I have mentioned earlier, Black Island is a home of many unexploited caves and chambers but only few are accessible and open for tourist at the moment. The cave that is often visited was huge at it has two (2) crystal clear cave pools. Tourists are allowed here to swim and marvel at the same time with the stalagmites and stalactites forming different kinds of rock formations. This is perhaps one of the highlights of the island aside from snorkeling.

All in all, I had fun with my Calauit Safair Park adventure and Black Island visit. Actually, this tour made my 6-day Coron vacation more memorable. Although going here is quite challenging but the long travel is worth the wait.

How to Get There:

Flying is the easiest and fastest way in getting to Coron, Palawan from Manila and Cebu. The nearest operating commercial airport is the Francisco B. Reyes Airport (USU) in Busuanga Island, Coron, Palawan. Airlines such as PhilippineAirlinesCebu Pacific Air and SkyJet are the ones that offers direct flights going to Coron. From the airport, take a van bound to Coron town proper. The fare is 150 php.

Meanwhile, the cheapest way in getting to Coron, Palawan from Manila is by ferry. There are numerous shipping lines that plies to Coron such as 2GO Travel, Atienza Shipping Lines, etc. From the Coron Port, take a tricycle going to the town proper. Fare is 10 php but some drivers would charge up to 100 php. Also, Coron can be reached thru ferry from El Nido and Mindoro.

Travel Tips:

  • If you are a solo traveler or a couple, the cheapest way to Calauit Safari Park and Black Island is to join a group tour. Just like what we did. There are a lot of tour operators that offer this kind of package but I highly recommend Calamian Islands Travel and Tours for a well-guided and hassle-free tour.
  • If you are traveling in big group or needs some privacy, you may opt to have a private tour. You can enjoy the intimate moments and freedom on the tour as well as avoid the crowd. The only down side on this part is that almost every attraction has an entrance fee. Plus, you have to buy your own food but you may ask your tour operator to do it for you.
  • While there is an island version of sari-sari store at Black Island, it is not a guarantee that they have everything that you need. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring enough water and food during the tour. (Good thing I have my Anti Bottle from Vapur Philippines – a reusable and foldable bottle container designed to meet the hydration needs of every adventure enthusiast.) *For orders, visit or visit their Facebook Page: Vapur Philippines.
  • Bring your own snorkeling gear such as mask and flippers as well as aqua shoes, so that you don’t have to rent one.
  • It is also advisable to bring an action camera and waterproof dry bag too as there are water activities.
  • Don’t forget to apply environment friendly sunscreen protection.
  • Go there on a weekday because there are fewer people.
  • Lastly, always remember the traveler’s golden rule: “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and kill nothing but time.”

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