Monday, August 14, 2017

Roxas City, Capiz: Your Next Food Capital

Locals are the best travel guides! As they are the most reliable sources for they have experienced it first-hand. Try to go somewhere only a local knows and you will see that after all locals know best. And also, local’s gives the best of the best recommendations for it is the pride of their hometown. Moreover, locals are also great in giving personalized itinerary based on your needs and desires.

And as a local of my own city, I believed that I have not fully visited a destination until I had their food. Experiencing new delicacies and joining the local’s everyday favorites amplifies the traveling experience and brings so much satisfaction. Each unique dish will take you on a journey through time and culture.

During my last visit in my hometown – Roxas City, Capiz, I realized that I should be proud of my place as it is blessed with natural resources though some people are reminded of Filipino folklore and scary mythical creatures when they talk about Capiz in general. But the truth is that Capiz is a lively province where the people love their religion, history and food.

Capiz is rich in waters and seafood as it boasts a stunning 80-kilometer coastline making its capital city dubbed as “The Seafood Capital of the Philippines”. Roxas City is a haven for seafood lovers and it is located in Western Visayas. Whereas, seafood is highly recommended, I have listed below my top 5 favorite restaurants and cafés that will surely make your visit more memorable:

1. Coco Veranda

Coco Veranda is a full-service seafood restaurant that offers an open-air dining along the Baybay Beach. With its comfortable dining by the shore and where every table features a panoramic ocean view, Coco Veranda is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy a scrumptious seafood lunch or dinner. It is perhaps one of the most popular and most reviewed restaurant in Roxas City.

This restaurant was established in 2007 by offering an extensive menu of fresh seafood including live fish, crustaceans and clams. Likewise, it is known for its wide array of delectable Filipino, Asian and American dishes.

***Coco Veranda Bar and Restaurant***
Address: Lawis Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz
Telephone Number: (036) 6216-185
Cellphone Number: +63998-8655808
E-mail Address:
Official Facebook Page: Coco Veranda (Capiz)

2. Café Terraza

Café Terraza is famous for its scenic hilltop dining. It is perched on a hill with a backdrop of rolling greens and endless blue skies, offering a 360˚ view of Roxas City. With its spacious and modern outdoor set-up, it makes the al-fresco dining at its best.

Not only that, this restaurant is also known for its classic and savory meaty dishes and palatable seafood delights. Amongst my favorite dishes being served were seafood kare-kare, baked oysters and crispy pata. (See more: Dining Above and Beyond at Café Terraza)

***Café Terraza***
Address: Pueblo de Panay, Roxas City, Capiz
Cellphone Number:  +63917-3121498 / +63939-9271447
Official Facebook Page: Café Terraza

3. Roxas City Seafood Court

Set aside your diet and eat to your heart’s desire. This is the place where you can eat the cheapest yet freshest seafood in town. Roxas City Seafood Court is located at People’s Park which offers the “pili and paluto” or choose then cook style. Since it is a food court, there are plenty of food stalls offering seafood delights but I highly recommend, Bebing’s Seafood Plaza.

Not too far from Bebing’s Seafood Plaza is Almax Grill and Restaurant which offers affordable and delicious meals. With fast and efficient service as well as very accommodating staffs, this what makes them extra special among others.

***Bebing’s Seafood Plaza***
Address: Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz

***Almax Grill and Restaurant***
Address: Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz
Cellphone Number: +63998-8861298
Official Facebook Page: Almax Grill and Restaurant

4. Spanggo Café and Pasalubong Center

Spanggo Café and Pasalubong Center is a Spanish inspired restaurant with a touch of Ilonggo vibe – this is where the term Spanggo was derived. They offer chorizo, tapa, longganiza and other Spanish frozen foods as well as mouthwatering Spanish dishes. Moreover, they are selling handicrafts and delicacies which are made by the locals.

But that is not just Spanggo Café and Pasalubong Center is all about because it is one of the best buko pies I have tried – lots of soft buko meat in it. Their buko pie is to die for! It is really good up to the last bite and what makes it more special is its delicate streusel crust. Yummy!

***Spanggo Café and Pasalubong Center***
Address: Rizal St., Roxas City, Capiz
Telephone Number: (036) 522-8848
Cellphone Number: +63918-9044078 / +63939-2303958
Official Facebook Page: Spanggo Café and Pasalubong Center

5. Jacque’s Coffee and Chills

Adore the wide variety of coffee and desserts while enjoying the small yet intimate setting while appreciating the best of the Baybay Beach. It is one of the best place to chill when you’re visiting Roxas City.

Jacque’s Coffee and Chills is a modern and comfortable surprise. They serve the best of the best coffee and desserts with warm service from their attentive wait staffs. Their French apple pie, potato wedges and salted caramel were amongst my favorites. Lastly, to those millenials or even non-millenials who are fond of taking a snap of their food such as doing flatlays, this is a perfect spot for you. Everything is Instragrammable (Instagram ready)!

***Jacque’s Coffee and Chills***
Address: Lawis Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz
Cellphone Number: +63908-8669910
Official Facebook Page: Jacque's Coffee and Chills

So, if you’re looking for a well-loved seafood destination or foodie in general, consider Roxas City, Capiz as your topmost choice. This place might be the one that you have been longing for – a place where you can eat delectable sea creatures while hanging out and relaxing along the coast.


  1. Wow.. I think i should also plan a trip with my friends on these holidays. Because this is the perfect weather for a beach trip.

  2. Hi Francis! where could we find the big letters I ❤ CAPIZ ? thanks

    1. Hello! It is located at Cafe Terraza in El Circulo Convention Center, Pueblo de Panay, Roxas City.