Monday, December 7, 2015

Truly Filipino: A Feast at Festa Resto in Roxas City

            Experience warm Filipino hospitality by dining at one of Roxas City’s finest restaurant – Festa Resto. Festa Resto opened last 2010 and up to date it is still one of the best restaurants in Roxas City. With its classic and modern setting, Festa Resto still maintains its homey ambiance and serving mostly authentic Filipino dishes with a little twist, transforming those dishes into more savory ones.

           Festa Resto is located inside the Pueblo de Panay Township; the emerging commercial business district of Roxas City and it has remained over the years to fill and satiate the ravenous stomach of every local and tourist. Eat and dine here at anytime you want, from breakfast to lunch and up to dinner and enjoy the beautiful surroundings around the restaurant. Festa Resto also offers al-fresco dining experience and at night be entertained by a live band singing acoustic and ballad songs.

        Aside from the main dining and al-fresco dining area there are three (3) private lounges available in this restaurant. These lounges are ideal for private meetings and special occasions making the dining experience more intimate. Festa Resto provides the best to their patrons as their several house specialties are known to be the best dishes in town. So, the last time I went back here I ordered their top 3 best house specialties and their other must-try dishes and desserts.

House Specialty Kaldereta

            Kaldereta is a popular Filipino dish that uses chevon (goat meat), beef or pork combined with potatoes, carrots, tomato sauce and liver spread or liver paste. It is usually served during special occasions and a regular in every Filipino cookbook.

            As for this restaurant, they are using chevon (goat meat) and I never thought it was a chevon until a friend of mine revealed it to me. Honestly, I thought it was a beef because of its moist and tender texture. However, I was convinced that it wasn’t a beef because it doesn’t have an after taste though chevon does have an after taste with a unique one. But to this serving, it doesn’t have at all. I was totally impressed with how they prepared it.

Shrimp Tempura

            Being dubbed as a “Seafood Capital of the Philippines” – Roxas City does not disappoint me (local) and even tourist as restaurants are serving the best and freshest seafood. So, whenever I’m out and eating I never missed ordering seafood (usually shrimp, scallop or oyster).
            So, this time I ordered shrimp tempura and what I have noticed is their ample servings considering the price. Their shrimp tempura is prepared and plated nicely. Impressive! And what made me more impressed is the size of the shrimp they’ve used and the batter coat they’ve applied. The shrimp is quite big and the batter coat is neither too thick nor too thin.

Haiiwaian Chicken

            Another must-try and to die for dish of this restaurant is their haiiwaian chicken. The chicken is well marinated and broiled to perfection making the chicken extra juicy and flavorful. Their special sauce is quite a sight as they’ve poured it over the chicken and topped with pineapple chunks.

Other Must-Try Dishes

            These are the other must-try dishes of Festa Resto. They have the best tasting lasagna I’ve ever tried. Flavorful! Their wide array of desserts are also a sight especially their best sellers. Sad to say, they phased out my most favorite dessert in this restaurant – the almond cheesecake. But I guarantee you, that they're still serving the one of the finest desserts here in Roxas.

            As an overall, I’m giving Festa Resto a two star rating (2/3 rating) as this restaurant made me feel at home by providing comfortable service, entertainment and good food plus a good value for money. This restaurant is worth going back!


Address: Immaculate Heart of Mary Avenue, Pueblo de Panay, Lawaan, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines 5800 (Across Robinsons Place Roxas)
Phone: (036) 621-6658
Official Facebook Page: Festa Resto

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