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The Land Where the Mountains Meet the Sea: Antique

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            Hailed as the Marble Central of Panay, the province of Antique is one of the six (6) provinces compromising Western Visayas and one of the four (4) provinces in the Panay Island. Antique is also known as the province of land where the mountains meet the sea because of its elongated stretch of land occupying the entire western side of the island. It is bounded by the rugged central mountains of Panay and the Sulu Sea on west.

              However, the steep slopes and the rugged, long mountain ranges of Antique have isolated it from the rest of the provinces of Panay. Hence, they have developed their own distinct language called Kinaray-a. Kinaray-a is characterized by the predominance of r’s and schwa sounds spoken with lilting gentle intonation.

          Nowadays, tourism industry in Antique is growing because of its mountains, eco-parks, rivers and waterfalls fit for thrill seekers and nature lovers. Tibiao is one of the municipalities geared up to be an eco-adventure destination. It is easily accessible by land from any point of Panay.

             Kayak Inn is an adventure camp designed to blend with the nature. It lies above the banks of Tibiao River, with native bamboo huts with veranda equipped with a private comfort room and obscured by the age-old trees of the lush mountain forest.

            Known as an eco-adventure destination it offers several exciting activities to delight thrill seeking and nature loving tourist. And these are: endure the rapids of Tibiao River, commune with the rain forest and trek the seven-tiered Bugtong Bato Waterfalls, experience the unique hot kawa bath, etc.

White Water River Kayaking

            The Tibiao River is one of the best white water rivers in the country. It boasts of crystal clear waters suitable for white water kayaking at various grades of difficulty. Courses are available for those interested to experience this challenging recreational outdoor activity.

           Basic kayaking course or grade 1 is introduced for the first timers. Mastering paddling a kayak in calm waters and finding the correct balance are the basic key points. Grade 2 course are fit for those kayaker who wants to experience a higher level of skill paddling through the rapids and big stones. Grade 3 and 4 course are for those professionals who want to enjoy an adrenaline rush adventure in the strong currents surpassing the big boulders and difficult maneuvers.

            On the entire duration of the kayaking, there are assigned guides to each kayak in case of flip over. These guides literally run through the sides of the river as the kayaker go along. They look over and splash through waters if they sense that the kayaker is in need of rescue.

Trek to Bugtong Bato Waterfalls

            Our country is blessed with rich and stunning waterfalls hidden deep in our forests. In Barangay Tuno, Tibiao, Antique a multi-tiered waterfalls calls Bugtong Bato is a must visit for adventure enthusiasts. It is hidden in the lush green scenery wherein locals and even tourist go there for picnics and swimming. However, out of the seven (7) tiers, only three (3) are accessible.

       A dip in the first tier of the waterfall is rewarding enough, but the adventure doesn’t stop there. You have to reach the 2nd and 3rd tiers to get the full experience of Bugtong Bato. It would require to climb a steep steel staircase and pull yourself up with a rope tied to the rocks.

         The name of the waterfalls came from the words bugtong (one) bato (rock or ston) that can be seen far below the first tier. Getting to the waterfalls is accessible by less than an hour walk and the trek to Bugtong Bato would cost P 100.00 per guide as local guide’s fee.

Kawa Hot Bath

            Enjoy a unique relaxation experience in Tibiao by bathing using a kawa (a large vat or frying pan). It is garnished with aromatic herbal leaves and warmed by the blazing firewood’s underneath just enough for the body to relax, just like a Jacuzzi which brings images of a witch cooking her human captive.

        Originally, the kawa is used in making muscovado sugar. It is made of thick cast iron that does not easily get hot. So, there’s no need to worry about getting cooked. But if you think the water temperature is already turning you into a broth, just turn on the water faucet beside the kawa.

Other Activities:
  • Zipline
  • Zorbing down the Tibiao River
  • Canyoneering
  • Crossing a hanging bridge

How To Get There:

          Tibiao, Antique is approximately 3 to 4 hours away from Iloilo City or 2 to 3 hours away from Caticlan, Aklan. Buses and vans are available plying to Iloilo/Caticlan and vice versa via San Jose Buenavista route can take you directly to Tibiao, Antique. Alight at Barangay Importante in Tibiao and from there, take a habal-habal going to Kayak Inn.

             For inquries and reservations, you may contact Ate Sheila or Kuya Edwin Endrico of Kayak Inn. at 09287790776 or 09215701947.

  • Bring enough food, water and other necessities since only limited supplies are available in the area (sari-sari store type).
  • No/limited telecommunication signal but you can try hanging your mobile phone on a higher surface. You may be able to receive some text messages.

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