Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vagabonding: Talon Adventure Park

Last summer, in the month of April I got the position where I’m currently working. Therefore, I was deprived of the happenings during summer.  However, this month of June was my sister’s wedding and I was the best man. My cousin – Vanna was the maid of honor. Vanna and I are very close, as if we’re twins. We were born on the same month and year and we finished our bachelor’s degree with Latin honors. Now, we’re both registered nurses at a very young age.

Since Vanna is staying for good in Manila, we miss each other a lot. She’s excited also to visit Roxas City again and roam around. Before she went to Roxas, she keeps texting me that we should hang-out and visit the newest adventure park in Roxas which is the Talon Adventure Park.  I told her, “Oh sure, no problem.”

And so the day came, we were already at Roxas catching up things. On June 15, 2012, a day before my sister’s wedding the two of us decided to go there and since we were the only ones who would be going there, we decided to commute because both of us didn’t know how to drive.

So we rode on a multicab bound for Ivisan, Capiz and after 10 minutes the driver dropped us at crossing Brgy. Balijuagan since Brgy. Talon is slightly away from the highway. After asking some locals we asked the tricycle driver if he could drive us to the park.

We asked him how much we would pay him; he answered us “Just 50php for the both of you.” After agreeing on the fare, we also transacted with him to fetch us from the park after a few hours.

When we reached the adventure park, we were really excited to make some memories out of it. But, first and foremost I will give you the background of the adventure park and what it has to offer.

Talon Adventure Park is one of the newest attractions that Roxas City has to offer. It offers several activities that every member of the family could enjoy. Currently, the park offers these activities; zipline, all terrain vehicles (ATV), biking, orchid farm, mini zoo and many more.

As of now, they’re still developing the adventure park. According to the person in-charge they will still add more activities like tree top rope course, zorb, etc. and soon a campsite will rise.

Going back to the story of what happened to us, we decided to go for zipline ride first. The zipline ride is safe because harness and safety gears are being provided for you and there are also special instructions given before the awesome ride.

After having a delightful experience at the zipline, we visited the Ayagao Beach. Ayagao beach is quite interesting also because of the powdered shells making the sand look whiter. Since Ayagao beach is quite far from the zipline station, we were obliged to get ourselves a vehicle. The person in-charge suggested that it would be better for us to use the ATV because it could run faster than a bicycle and that we could pass easily on sloppy areas and so we did.

We paid 350php for the ATV rental and take note that the rate was already for the two of us. The rental was good for an hour and you can extend it provided you pay for the additional charges.

We didn’t have any driving experience aside from biking. Since, I’m the guy I took the risk of driving the ATV. Good thing the person in-charge taught me and did some brief instructions on how to operate the said vehicle. After learning quick instructions, it was time to test my capability.

At first, I was a bit frightened because it was my first time to drive that kind of vehicle and with someone on a backride. In short, I’m still in doubt, not comfortable and not confident. Good thing also we we’re accompanied by a guide going to and fro to the Ayagao beach and they even gave us safety gears. We survived the ATV ride and it was a wonderful moment. Priceless!

After travelling for 15 minutes (It was quite slow according to the guide and I understand why it happened. You want to know it? I was scared.) using an ATV we have reached the Ayagao beach. It was the next pit stop of the leg.

Upon reaching the beach, we never really missed every moment we had in there; pictorials here, pictorials there and pictorials everywhere. We’re trying to savor the environment and the moment.

In addition, Ayagao beach is a perfect spot for picnics and some special occasions that we could celebrate. You can rent a cottage for as low as 500php which is already good for 1 day but if you want to stay longer or if you would decide to stay for an overnight they have a villa wherein you could stay with complete amenities – from the toilet down to the air conditioning. According to our guide, the rate of the villa for an overnight stay is 3,000php.

I can say, we had a blast of fun and a bunch of memories to be kept. This experience is priceless. P.S.: If you ask me of the total cost of our trip, it was only 722php.

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