Saturday, June 16, 2018

Be the Conscience of Traffic by Using AutoConscience App!

Technology have changed the way we interact with the world, our family and friends and it helps us to do everyday things faster and more efficiently than ever before. Likewise, it allows us to access a wide array of information and provide us with clever tools at our fingertips that we can take with us – apps.

In the world we live, there is practically an app for everything. There is a wide range of apps that have been developed specifically to help us drive including ones that help us plan our journeys, get the best fuel prices and find parking spaces.

And as we all know, bad driving is one of the major problems which causes heavy traffic in the Philippines. With my recent discovery of AutoConscience, I am very happy that I will be able to do my share or part in improving our transportation system.

AutoConscience is an app designed to play like a game where every user is rewarded for driving properly as well as it serves as a reporting channel to other good and bad drivers. With that, drivers will be able to improve their driving habits and will be kept motivated as it highlights the outstanding and disgusting driving behaviors.

Though it is still early days for the app, it has already garnered some positive press. In fact, AutoConscience is one of the finalists in the 2017 Startup Summit Philippines and was even invited to pitch the idea to Koreans at Spring Valley, a startup incubator in the Philippines.

How to Use AutoConscience:

Using AutoConscience is very easy, you can download the app thru: Google Playstore or you may visit their website: Once AutoConscience has been accessed, all you have to do is type the plate number of the car you want report or get thanked in which you can select from a menu of options. All reports are treated confidential and anonymous. The driver will receive the report or your appreciation (if the driver is a registered user) but the driver will not see who reported it. Incredible, isn’t it? With that, AutoConscience promotes good behavior while on the road – easing traffic for everyone.

Benefits of Registering:

            Being not registered in AutoConscience is not a hindrance in using it. In fact, you can still use it. However, you cannot gain access to all of the reports sent about your car. So, if I were you, REGISTER NOW! Don’t worry of getting charged because REGISTRATION IS FREE! All you have to do is to sign up and fill the registration form.

            Aside from gaining access to all information’s sent about your car, it also makes you eligible for rewards such as free gasoline. Plus it even allows you to gain levels as a user, accumulating badges and points along the way. Very much cool!

     Therefore, if you want to be the conscience of traffic, let us help and improve our transportation system – DOWNLOAD AUTOCONSCIENCE APP and USE IT NOW!

For more information about AutoConscience, you may visit at:

Facebook: AutoConscience
Twitter: @AutoConscience
Google Playstore: AutoConscience


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