Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Crown Jewel of Roxas City: Villa Visaya by Mañosa

            It's always a pleasure to check out a new destination, especially one that's right in your own city. That's why when I, along with a few other established travel bloggers, was invited by the founders of Las Islas Travel and Tours to come and check out this new villa along the outskirts of Roxas, I had no qualms about going. Few minutes from the city center of Roxas lies a 6 hectare private property owned and managed by Nancy Oloroso. It is located in Brgy. Barra, Roxas City, Capiz.

            Villa Visaya is a mixture of a Balinese inspired architecture with the touch of Asian-Modern Contemporary designs. The ambiance around the villa is very relaxing, warm and refined. It is a perfect place to escape from the bustling city.

The main house has its own spacious living room overlooking the sea that gives warm welcome to the guest. Upon entering the premises of the living room, there’s a mudroom which serves as a docking area to drop off keys, jackets and coats, dirty shoes and other nix-nak items.

Inside the main house you may see several dining areas which are all impressive. I find the spot cozy and there is enough space to accommodate a large group of visitors. The main dining area is the best spot among all because of its breathtaking view. The kitchen is well thought-out; the design offers optimal space and still the feeling of having your private space. No feeling of congestion at all.

            The family or entertainment room is at the basement of the main house in which it also serves as their safari room. In here, you will see different animals hunted by the owner and her husband in different countries around the world. The master’s bedroom is quite a sight, a queen-sized bed, a well-lit bathroom and a closet organizing system (a separate closet for the clothes depending on the needs or occasions, a separate closet for the shoes, hats and bags). There’s a lot of WOW MOMENTS when you go around this place.

Villa Visaya also has an infinity pool which serves as the highlight of the place. Perched on a hill that creates a dramatic effect with its visually stunning and gorgeous ocean backdrop. It is a perfect spot for some romantic moment like having a swim or sitting in the pool, having a wine while watching the sun set in the horizon. Beside the pool area is a bar full of aged wines and liquors.

Aside from the main house there are two (2) casitas which serves as a guest’s house. The two (2) casitas is a complete package, it has two (2) single beds with a sitting area overlooking the sea, a television and a bathroom. In fact, some of the famous local and national politicians and other prominent personas have already visited and stayed on this villa; to note, Dr. Vicki Belo, a famous Filipino dermatologist was one of them. Furthermore, the place was also featured in ABS-CBN’s magazine lifestyle show – Rated K hosted by Korina Sanchez.

The villa has also its own tennis court which allows the owner and her tennis club members and friends to play during their leisure time. The tennis court is patterned on the US Open Regulation. You could also see a touch of history here, a small ruins with statues of Japanese garrison could found inside the property, the spot serves a tower for 360˚ view of Roxas City. This place combines history, elegance, beauty and modernity.

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The man behind all these structural designs is the world renowned Filipino Architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa who has been nominated as the fifth (5th) National Artists for Architecture for his lifelong advocacy that he has been pushing in the international scene – Contemporary Tropical Filipino Architecture.

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            Thank you for reading and thank you Las Islas Travel and Tours for taking us here!

DISCLOSURE: The tour was sponsored by the travel agency but rest assured, opinions written on this article are solely my own.


  1. Hi frans! I loved the place! How to get here? Hehe

    1. Hello Mai! Even me I was mesmerized. I felt like I was in abroad. Hmmm... How to get here? Contact Las Islas Travel and Tours.

  2. I am from Capiz and the place is nice.

    I want to visit the place this coming June. How much pala for 4pax.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Derick! I don't have any idea of the pricing but you may contact Las Islas Travel and Tours for the tour package.

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  4. Franz,I'm glad uve been there at villa visaya.I'm interested to go there someday with my friends to play tennis at d resort.messaged them alredi,but stil waiting for their reply..thanx dude..:)

    1. I hope you could visit Villa Visaya too! Stunning property within Roxas City.

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  8. What a place indeed, hidden in the great rivers, mountains and sea. Thank you for posting this along with information on the travel agency.