Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Simply Astounding: Ford's Point

            Ford’s Point is located at Sitio Nipa, Brgy. Culasi, Roxas City; 5 to 10 minutes drive away from the downtown plaza. It is more commonly known as Doña Maria especially for locals since it is derived from the owner’s name Doña Maria Ford.

            In Ford’s Point, you may find a tower, the Moro Tower, which is situated on the top of the hill and is made up of black pebbles that are gradually eroding. This Moro Tower was built during the Spanish era specifically in the year 1814 to protect the town from invading Moros and Portuguese colonizers.

            Presently, this Moro Tower is already a half-torn structure. When it was first built, it stood up to 20 feet high. This tower had been a witness to the major changes in the history of Roxas City.

            Sad to say, the place is slowly fading and there’s a great chance that the next generation will not be able to witness this living landmark. I hope the local government will address this problem because in the end this can be one of Roxas City’s premiere destinations.

            Furthermore, Ford’s Point has another feature to offer – the grotto of the Sacred Heart of Jesus facing the mesmerizing sea cliff. From there, it gives a great view of the lowlands and seascapes of Roxas City.

             Thus, it is a perfect place to unwind because of the relaxing chirps of birds and the breezy air coming from the calm waves of the sea. The place is also a perfect spot for some photography sessions.

How to Get There:
From the plaza, simply go to the tricycle terminal going to Brgy. Culasi. Once at the terminal ask first the driver if he’s familiar with Ford’s Point/Doña Maria, if not tell him that he’ll drop you by at Sitio Nipa at Brgy. Culasi. Note: The fare is only P 10.00
            When you are already at the Sitio Nipa, try to ask some local where Doña Maria is because they are more than willing to help you in giving directions. From the road you need to walk into an alley for 5 to 10 minutes again and you need to climb a not so steep hill.

Travel Tips:
  • The best time to go there is around 4:00 PM so that it is less hot and that you will be able to witness the sunset.
  • Have someone with you so that you can enjoy more and so that you’ll have someone to take some souvenir pictures. Note: It’s quite safer to be with someone you trusted.
  • Do not forget to apply lotion with SPF, so that your skin will still be protected.
  • Never leave your trash and maintain the peaceful environment.

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  1. Wow, more faces of Roxas City away from city center :-)

    1. Mil, nakapunta na ba kayo dito? Within the city lang 'to kaso nga lang medyo liblib lang ng konti.